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These email groups help to foster communication between the research and forecasting communities without the "noise" inherent in blogs, forums or newsgroups open to the general public.

We strive to protect the integrity and exclusivity of our lists as well as quality and privacy of our members. In order to preserve this somewhat exclusiveness of our membership we have the requirement that you fit the above professional criteria. To help us determine your qualifications we ask that you submit a short description about your education, work, interests, and/or relationship to the field.

We occasionally receive membership requests from people in the press/media. I am sorry to say that we do not accept these requests. Our members, many of whom are in positions of responsibility, need to be free to discuss without being quoted or especially misquoted. We also consider public websites and blogs to be the modern form of media.

Please note that these mailing lists are only for individuals who are degreed and professionally active in either research or forecasting worldwide. It is not for those who are "interested" or "want to learn more" about our topics.

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